The Basics Of Email Servers

Email is one of the best and most popular services on online. This service lets users to send text messages, music, videos, pictures, files and other media content to anyone with an email address regardless of the time and location. This service is usually a bundled feature with so many ISPs or web-hosting domains.  Different types of email servers are used by email providers in our time. A mail server is a server designed to handle and deliver the emails over a network in particular Internet. This server receives emails from client computers and delivers such emails to other mail servers and client computers. A client computer is a computer or mobile gadget with email capabilities.   

Web-based email  

Web-based email is a renowned email. Almost every leading email provider hosts their servers as this web-based email. This system lets users to log into the email server by using the Internet browser for sending and receiving the email. This email system is very helpful to every user as they can check their email regardless of the location and time.  


Post Office Protocol (POP3) is another common email server and used by the Internet Service Provider which provides every user with an email account along with Internet connection. This email server stores the incoming email messages on the remote server until users open email client software and check the mails. Once the mails are retrieved from the server, these mails are transferred to the computer of the user and deleted off the mail server to use the space for upcoming messages. 


Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a good alternative to the popular email server POP3. This email server is usually used by leading business email accounts. This email server lets all users to preview, delete and organize emails before emails transferred from the server the client computer. This server keeps the copies of all the emails as long as users delete them. 


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers work alongside other mail servers like the IMAP and POP3. This server has the best stuff to successfully deal with the emails user sent out from the email clients.  

There are several types of email servers like and

Email sending process 

Beginners to the mail server think about the process of sending an email. Once the message is composed and the sender clicks the Send button, the email client like Gmail or Outlook Express connects with the SMTP server of the domain at first. The email user communicates with the SMTP server and gives details about your email ID, message body and attachments if any. The SMTP server properly processes the email address of the recipient in particular its domain. If the name of the domain is in the same, then the message of the sender is routed directly over to the POP3 or IMAP server of the domain. There is no requirement for routing between the servers. The SMTP server has to converse with the server of other domain when the domain name is different.